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V To Shining V 2014


Mark September 25th on your calendar and join the country for our third annual V To Shining V – a national day to gather together and throw a party to celebrate women!

It’s a simple action: throw a party or attend a party.

People are gathering with friends from east to west, north to south, from V TO SHINING V to laugh, drink, dance, play games, and most importantly, pledge to each other that we will get informed and out to vote. So start planning now, because the whole country is going to be Instagramming, Tweeting and Facebooking with the hashtag #V2V16

No one can ignore our power if we show them we are mobilizing so let’s show them we are a united front! Gather your own posse September 25th and be part of this national movement!

As people register their parties, you will be able to see if their are parties in your area. If there isn’t one, register your own party and get your neighborhood in this fight! LPJ will be your hub – to keep you informed, inspired and to keep you laughing. And wouldn’t it be swell if we could laugh all the way to the polls and get rid of some of these political rummage sale rejects? Let’s be honest, a revolution ain’t shit if you’re not laughing and dancing!

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